Defunct airline VA

Hi everyone, didn’t know what category to put this in but can you use a defunct airline as a VA? The airline in question isn’t on the IFVARB database but has the livery in IF

Yes, you can use defunct airlines for a VA :)
No problem at all

And IFVARB database only has approved VA’s I believe.
Here are the VA’s currently under approval process (so you can’t choose those):

Good luck on your VA


Thanks man! Appreciate it 💯

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Who you bringing back from the dead? Lol

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Thomas Cook


Definitely keep us posted on your progress, I’d be very interested to join. Loved Thomas Cook

Keep going!! I’m a bit interest in this VA… I will probably join if your VA is launched.

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Hey mate,

We started a VA of a defunct airlines, Jet Airways Virtual. During the processing time we were put in fictional VA database. Hope this helps you.

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