Definition of Automatic Low Power Mode

I did not put this in support as it is not an issue.
Just would like clarification what it means. Searched threads. no find answer.
Please. Thank you.

It means it will use less of your devices power. Reducing the risk of overheating and using more charge.

I recommend you turn it on before every long haul flight just to be safe.


Automatic low power is something that when you are not touching the screen for long peirods of time it reduces scenery rendering and frame rate to save more battery. It helps your device out because when you aren’t watching your flight there is no reason to have 60 frames and maximum graphics.


Thank you. Just what needed to know.


No problem. Anything else you need help with just PM me and I can try and assist. Have a good day now :)

Is it possible/practical to begin a long haul flight in normal conditions, then once at cruise turn ON low-power mode for the flight. Then, before descent turning low-power mode back OFF?

Yes if you wanted to. That’s what I do.

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After like 5 min of inactivity, IF will go into ow power mode. You can see a difference as it decreases the graphics and rendering as well as minimizing the fps. It will seem really laggy but don’t worry its normal.

You can do that but it isn’t really necessary because on automatic low power mode it automatically enables and automatically disables once you touch the screen.

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