Definite Screenshots

I was in expert flying from Munich to JFK, with a detour to the North Pole. Took almost 13hrs for the flight to complete. Here are a lotta of shots that I took of the long journey that left my phone on overnight.

pushback + a330

takeoff + same a330 + planespotter’s nightmare

it’s morning at norway but sunrise is sunset

svalbard be like: good afternoon

north pole turning point

here comes the sun

‘airport in sight’

gear shot + sunset

canarsie approach + lightpole

shot after my worst landing + b777


Bruh you guys are heading strait at each other !! Nice pics lol


Here’s the 10th like !
The 2 first pics are my favs 🔥✈️
Stunning pics and routes !

The shot looks so cool! Great pictures!

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Awesome shots! 😍

I’m the IFATC who controlled you yesterday at EDDM. 😉

Why did you go via the North Pole?

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well, why not?

Christmas spirit probably

Nice shots 😍 especially the last two