Define our own Buttons

So I realize this is a…big ask, BUT it would be insanely awesome if we could define additional buttons via API.

I’d envision a command somewhere along the lines of “AddButton(Type, Screen, Title, Value, Values)” where

  • “Type” would be the button type - say, “Toggle” or “SingleValuePicker”
  • “Screen” would be which screen the button should show up on - “HUD” or “Systems”
  • “Title” would be the button’s title (and unique ID)
  • “Value” would be the button’s current value - true/false for Toggle Buttons, else one of the Values.
  • “Values” would only be used for “SingleValuePicker”

You would then simply add the buttons up above the other buttons if it hadn’t been added yet.

Then we could do something like “GetButtonValue(Screen, Title)” and it would return the button’s value.

Does that make sense?


So this is more along the lines of being able to customize the GUI. I don’t see a reason the customization couldn’t occur within the app itself if this was implemented. Similar to the info bar at the bottom where you long press to change the values. What would the advantage be to exposing it through the API?


I smell possible new features in In-Flight Assistant! ;)


The problem is that at least on iOS, only one app can be running at the same time onscreen (Except in special cases like iPad split screens) - so a different app can’t add new buttons to the screen and you’d have to leave IF to press the buttons in the other app.

Note I’m talking apps on the same device, like how In-Flight Assistant works.

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Got ya. What I’m saying is, why not just allow the user to add the buttons within IF? Why would I go to a different app to add buttons the the screen in the IF app? Just curious to your thought process on this.


@AggieAirlines then do not post here please.


It’s definitely something that should be looked into, with the IF cockpit app you can do something along these lines but you still can’t change the display to how you would prefer it.

I support the idea!

What new buttons would you need? As Ar said, wouldn’t it be better to just edit the GUI?

What do you mean, “edit the GUI”? Example buttons an add-on app could add:

  • “Cabin crew prepare for landing” button (etc.)
  • “Start procedure ABC”
  • “Acknowledge” (1-tap ATC acknowledging)
  • and so on and so forth…
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Ah, so you want the code so you can add buttons than can be activated from your add-on app? Or do you want the code so you can add buttons that activate sequences on your app? I’m a bit confused here :/

But if you just wanted the buttons just on IF, as extra buttons, the sequences would be fairly basic with the values defined in the app and I don’t think it’d be able to satisfy what you’d want from it.

And what I mean before (I kind of got muddled up) I meant how are you going to allocate it a position on the interface? Simply picking a screen value wouldn’t be specific enough unless you could create preset locations?

More the second one, though the first one might work, too - I’m envisioning something like this example:

  • Addon app calls “Commands.AddButton” (or whatever the API method called) to add a Button named “ACK” that is a simple on/off toggle button (tap it, it turns yellow, tap it again, it turns white)
  • App polls IF every, say, 0.2 seconds or so to see if it was pressed (i.e. its value is on)
  • If it was pressed, app calls IF API to ATC-acknowledge
  • App then calls “Commands.SetButtonValue” so that the button is turned back off again.

This would have to be preset locations, if that’s how IF does it, yes. Above the other ones, I guess?

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