Defaults to gates capable of handling that aircraft

So as of now if you select an airport it will seemingly randomly throw you into a gate, but I think it should throw you into a gate wich is sufficient for the aircraft you have selected. This is not the same as the feature request for not being able to use too small gates. This is more so it does not throw you into a weird gate…

Let’s use KPIT since I know about the capacity there. We can theoretically handle an A380, but only in two gates, when I selected KPIT with out any further inputs to gates I was at a gate used by Sun Air Express for a C208, not capable in any way of an A380.

If you like it vote, if not don’t…


This is certainly possible to do as every gate in IF has a aircraft size tagged to it, just need a bit of coding to ‘activate it.’


Thats what I figured, it would make it much easier for people who dont know much about airports they arnt fimiler with…

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Excellent idea. Gives some realism and perspective. We need to know which gates are which. Label them on the ground.

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This could be done same time as this if this is added.


Dang! I would totally support this. I was at KSJC and they put me in a gate that is only for GA when I am in a 737.

Out of votes though, but I would totally bookmark this.

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