Default Zoom?

When you double tap, the screen goes to the default zoom position, but it appears to have changed. When I would double tap, it used to restore the default zoom to this.

Now, when I double tap, it restores the default to this.

Is this normal? I’ve tried restarting, uninstall reinstall, etc. My device is an iPhone 6s.

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The cockpit is restored to default but you have stronger winds that pushes your plane a bit to the right. The big dot in the middle is the point where your plane is heading too :) and I dont see anything wrong with the wing view.

It’s not the winds, the camera view default zoom is more zoomed in than it was before.

I don’t see a difference

Did u try to double tap again? And if you restart IF is still the same?

(In my case the second picture is normal)

The wing view is kind of hard to tell. On the plane the three things that hold the flaps in place are visible, but in the bottom picture, the zoomed in picture, you can only see two, the inboard one isn’t visible because it is zoomed in. In the zoomed in version of the cockpit, notice you can’t see the screens because it is zoomed in. I am also wondering this because in HUD view, isn’t the 0 degree pitch line on the attitude indicator supposed to line up with the horizon?

Are the first three pictures taken before the rework?

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No, but it was going on before global. I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me until now.


He is right, they’re slightly zoomed in. As far as what I think about them, eh, its aight

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I’m not sure I understand. When were the “before” pictures taken?

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The before pictures were taken at same time, but before the default zoom was all the way zoomed out, so I just took pictures of the zoom all the way zoomed out, and it looked the same as before. I have some pictures of before taken before global, but they are of a different aircraft, but this happens on all aircraft. Could you send me a picture of what the default zoom on your device looks like for HUD, cockpit, and behind wing view on the B737 aircraft. It happens on all aircraft, I’m just using the 737 as an example.

Im not seeing any difference on my end. The views on the 737 changed if you are comparing to preupdate versions.

It sounds like you are saying you are comparing to old versions?

Otherise can you give us steps to recreate it? I went thiught different views on the 737 and both default, zoom, and reset are the same.

Try to send me a picture of the HUD, cockpit, and wing view on your device for comparison, I don’t know of a way to recreate it.

If you’re asking if this is a glitch or not, the answer is no. I don’t think the app is behaving any differently than it’s supposed to.

You are saying there is a difference but to what are you comparing. Old versions, a screen, etc?

You said “when I would double tap it would restore it to this”. Are you referencing an old picture of a 737 view? I am trying to understand where the difference is.

He’s saying that before, double-tapping the screen would make the camera zoom into the configuration of the first set of pictures, but when he double-taps now, it zooms into the config of the second set of pictures (which appeares more magnified than the 1st set of pics). Is that what you were asking, Chris?

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To an old version, it was pre global. I think that this is something where most devices have the regular version, my device doesn’t. What makes me think this is a bug is that the 0 degree pitch line on the attitude indicator in HUD view does not line up with the horizon.

Yes that is correct.

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@Boeing797 so are you simply letting us know of this change, or are you asking them to revert the default view so that it’s similar to the 1st set of pictures, or are you asking if the 2nd set of pics is a glitch, etc.?

In other words, what exactly are you trying to ask/say?

Trying to say that the default zoom was the first set, but now it is the 2nd set. I think the default zoom is the 2nd on certain devices like mine, and the first set on most devices as the correct zoom setting the developers intended it to be, as other people’s screenshots are at the zoom of the first set. I think it is a bug, affecting devices such as iPhone 6, causing the default zoom to be more zoomed in than it should be.