Default engine sound

Is the default engine sound based on the 737 or 767? I’ve been trying to find a solid answer on IFC but I’m getting that both aircraft are used for the default engine sound. Anyone know which one it is? I’m leaning towards the 737 as the default sound sounds a lot more like the CFM56 than any 767 engine.

The engine sound pack is from the 767.

Chris confirmed that a couple days ago, I believe. Don’t know if I could find the topic. @Chris_S, confirm?

Nope, it’s the 737, Tyler confirmed that the 767 statement was a mistake.


Yeah I think I’ve been trying to find that statement, do you know where it is? Thanks.

It’s in a classified place. Sorry, I cannot share a screenshot of it.

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Ah what a pity, thanks for helping though!

It’s a 737. CFM.


I was literally on my way to quote you smh how are you so quick…

You had a good 14 minutes. Lol.


To me it doesn’t sound like the 737, maybe that’s just me. Do you plan to make any changes to the engine sounds once the 737 gets the opportunity to do so?

It’s just not the best quality, given it’s many, many, many years old. It is the 737 though, just might now sound exactly like it

The new sound was added somewhere around 2014, so it wouldn’t really be the most realistic

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