DeerCrushing British Short Haul @ LXGB - 141455ZOCT17

Server: Expert

Airport: LXGB - EGLL

Time: 1455Z


  • British Airways A319
  • Flightplan ready (992nm)
  • Plan for about 1.5hours or slightly more
  • Pushing in 7 minutes

Nice flight - if I wasn’t flying to Nassau right now, I would definitely join you. Let me know if you’re doing any more.

Just one thing - it’s not a 1 hour 30 minute flight, it’s actually more like 2 hours 40 minutes…

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Yeh it’s around 2-2.20 probs I did MAN-GIB last night

Yep. I’ve got 2 hrs left.


only one problem… im on an 8 hour flight to amsterdam and ive only got 6 hours of fuel left…

As your total weight decreases, the fuel burn will decrease. Less power is required to keep the aircraft flying. Therefore increasing the flight time. You’ll close the gap on time, not sure if you’ll make it though.


i knew something seemed wrong… i set my fuel to 12 hours before the flight lol. 8 hours remaining
ill have to join your next event! this is my first semi long flight

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Might be able to join you not sure though

I had to cut the flight short due to a family reason. Will try to find some time to do another one this week.


Ok never mind, next time :)

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