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I know that this will most likely get closed, I want this to be nothing more than a civil discussion about the Friday Night Flight. I’m going to be straight up honest about what I think.

Starting off, the FNF was literally the backbone of community engagement. It was always so fun, and brought so much joy to the community. And, the staff said that they would be replacing it with “community featured events”. We’re a month into no FNFs, and I haven’t seen one community event featured. What’s really disappointing is that the FNF has been replaced by just another ATC schedule day. The only official events I’ve seen is the same old same old Flash Flights. While those are fun, the same thing can be said about them getting “old” as the FNFs. Since FNFs have been removed, I haven’t seen one day that had crazy traffic, it’s just not the same. I understand a huge resource Misha left, but if you want “community engagement”, why not let the community create the FNF? I am highly confused about this. I wanted to keep quiet because I trust in what the staff will do, but it’s been a month and not one community event has been featured and the FNF has been replaced with the ATC schedule day, something I was not expecting at all. I have seen so many more people that do not like the change rather than people who do like the change. For example, IFATC right now isn’t as enjoyable because there are no more days where it’s crazy traffic, and if I’m honest, there’s very little community engagement in events right now. I love the idea of more community engagement, but why is IF’s signature event and or name being taken away? That’s like Apple not making iPhones anymore, it’s their signature item. I just don’t understand what thought was put into taking away the FNF, it brought so much joy to everyone and so much engagement. It would be amazing if this topic wouldn’t be closed and we could actually discuss this as a community, but that probably wouldn’t happen. These are my thoughts and many other’s thoughts, and I hope it can be taken into consideration.


My biggest question mark is also where those featured events are. If none are featured the FNF isn’t getting replaced but simply removed without any subsitute.

I believe they want to reduce this as it is not realistic and enjoyable for the controller to have 100+ planes inbound in the next hour. But I do understand your point about the FNF being removed


I can speak for many people in IFATC as I am in IFATC, a lot of us miss it.

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But at the end of the day we’re still in a simulator where something like traffic doesn’t need to be 100% accurate. It’s still more accurate to have lots of traffic at big hubs instead of having no traffic at all anywhere plus not being able to enjoy the game, and that’s what this is at the end of the day.


I see your position. But wouldn’t be a + to feature community events as people spend a lot of time to create them?

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Unfortunately, I learned about FNF with only six weeks left, it became really fun and cool to see how involved and large the IFC truly was.


I can see that you miss the FNF’s. Although I’d avoid speaking for others. You miss the FNF’s. It’s a bit difficult to say that all 500+ IFATC controllers miss it because you’re a controller. Just a bit of advice when making a point.


Yes, I’m not saying not to feature these. I think it’s an amazing idea to feature these, but I don’t like the idea of taking away an amazing event like the FNF.

I see where 5 arrivals into EGLL in the next hour is not close to real life traffic.

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I’m not saying all 500 miss it, but I’ve seen a bunch of people on the discord server talk or express about how they miss it.

Yeah… The thing is that if someone doesn’t like to control the main hub of the FNF they could still control a secondary hub which would still see traffic above standard levels. It just offered a change from the rest of the week.


Personally speaking — I never enjoyed FNFs. Flying with some other traffic is fun, but waiting for an hour to depart or arrive into one swamped airport was… not. From a controlling standpoint, you were either mobbed at the hub or watching grass grow at an outlying field.

We’re already seeing new events crop up — some region takeovers by ATC, to start with. Let’s give it some time and see what people can come up with. Rather than jumping right back to the old, safe way I think the community needs to put its money where its mouth is and make some outside-the-box events.


But are there any of the featured events? I still don’t get where those get announced and without the exposure an official announcement offers, no event will ever be as successful as FNF

I appreciate your opinion. I understand not everyone liked the FNF, but from what I see on the community and the reactions to them removing the FNF, a lot more people miss the FNF than not. I just don’t understand the replacement for the FNF, so far we’re a month into no FNF and I have only seen a normal ATC schedule day (keep in mind it’s also 6 other days of the week)

These are some valid points here. But IF has always wanted to be community oriented. So i believe featuring events by members is a great way to continue cultivate enthousiasme and creativity to create fun events for everyone

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Once again, I do not think it’s a bad idea to feature the community events, but I feel like both community events and the FNF can still be incorporated. And if there aren’t enough staff to create the FNFs, why not let community members help create it?


But they don’t feature any as far as I can tell. That’s the underlying problem why this new concept can’t even theoretically prove itself as a good alternative.


To be honest, I was never the biggest fan on FNFs. Waiting a whole hour or longer in line to depart was not only unrealistic but it also made things kinda laggy. And if you were going to be flying into an airport for the FNF, ATC would often not let you fly STARs to make traffic move faster which made things even more unrealistic. This is why I pretty much stopped doing FNFs after 2019.

However I understand why a lot of people liked FNFs. Some people enjoyed the crazy traffic and I respect that. I think the devs have the communities best interests at heart though so let’s see what they decide to do next. Personally I really like the region takeovers as it allows for more traffic to be spaced out across a region rather than swamping one airport full of traffic for a day.

solid points @MxP and @ButterAllDay

They could do a hybrid. I rest my case

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