Deep into Infinite Flight

Has this happened to anyone lol. This is awkward 😅

Ahaha yes.
This is known as the space glitch.
It happens when you disconnect from the server because of a connection issue, or by exiting the app mid flight. The glitch appears when watching your flight in replay mode.
When the glitch happens you either fly straight up or straight down.
When you go straight up you can see the entire globe with realistic lighting.
When you go straight down your aircraft hits the ground and appears to shrink, which in this case seems to have happened to you :)
Hope this helps!

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Aw man I wish it went straight up instead 😂

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Sometimes some people go to the left or to the right

You can experiment with it in solo. If you select a final approach at an airport, turn on AP and then exit the app for a few minutes.
Open the app again, end your flight and watch the replay.
Its amazing for photos…

Well… he’s really trying to dig to the other side of the planet… 😂

Next time it would be a good idea to post here: Humorous Live Photos instead of making a new topic! Thanks!


Haha, oh well…

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