Deep in the aircraft exploded

I love my IFATC, of course, and I fully support them…however, there are times where I can see how busy they really are. For example I was flying on advanced not ten minutes ago, being vectored toward KSEE and the controller sent me straight into the mountains where I crashed. I would have spammed the emergency button too if they had one 😂😂😂

But again no harm no foul…its just a game 😂😂😂🛬😱😱🚒🚓🚑


I am in no way angry at my controller (I won’t name you unless you desire to be)! If I did something wrong maybe he can tell us…but it was kind of fun just sitting there and like “well ****…” As the mountains loomed closer and closer and closer until…


Yea, while you’re being vectored you follow their instructions, if he’s flying you towards your death, you be stupid to keep on going. You get the final say in what is safe. Lel


I was afraid if I veered off or climbed rapidly in altitude he would ghost me😂

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Btw I know this controller!! He was juggling a lot of aircraft at the time of my death

You can always pm an ATC if you’re wrongly ghosted. They’re understanding and friendly. Except Benny 😃

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Haha I’ll keep that in the memo!!😂

Oh no… This is my honest mistake and I will own up to it. Let’s take this to PM. :)


Ya see, friendly and understanding. That’s the IFATC team right there, @Tristin_Woolf good on ya


Hey mate. Glad your so supportive about it, if your ever worried you can always fell free to ask for an altitude change, all the best.


Exactly why I appreciate the IFATC so much!!! You guys are the absolute rock stars of IF!
And to anyone wondering…he was good to his word 😅😅 very proud (even though I am dead) 😂


Let me explain this one. At the time, I had the largest amount of simultaneous inbound traffic at KSAN of the whole night, and just this one aircraft for KSEE. I had sent him basically on the right downwind for 27R at KSEE, preparing him for a base turn, then an ILS intercept. Cluttered with other requests and a descent amount of traffic to KSAN, as well as Some other requests, I didn’t even think to watch for terrain around his aircraft. It just completely slipped my mind. I turned him base a little delayed from what I planned due to other requests. He started turning, and then disappeared. I didn’t think much of it, mostly because I was occupied with all the other aircraft around, and didn’t realize to even look at the terrain near there. It was my honest mistake, and I apologize, as I feel horrible about this. I will take blame for this one.


As long as is not me, I’m happy lel. I took a peek at SoCal earlier and it looked like you had your hands full

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Thank you for being brave to put this out. You are the MVP of IF tonight 👍🏼 thumbs up to the IFATC community


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You wouldn’t have been ghosted if you climbed a few hundred feet. Seems kinda stupid you just let that happen.

Okay call me stupid but I didn’t want to take any risks.

Im not calling you stupid, but i dont think the controller wouldve ghosted you. Could’ve requested a higher altitude and if no reply or the atc says no. Go a couple hundred up and just say “im sorry” under misc messages.

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Yeah I guess lol. Thanks for the help guys!!! Let’s keep our IFATC controlling and our pilots piloting 😂😂

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I guess this is a perfect reminder that the PIC has the ultimate responsibility for the aircraft. If ATC are vectoring you into higher ground ( as in this case because they are overloaded) then rather than just sit that and watch the ground come up, it’s the PIC job to do something about it.