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Good day IFC,
This afternoon a Boeing 767-300F registration N1409A with service from Austin Texas to Wilmington flight number GTI 3743 made a emergency landing after the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit! This is a rare for LIT has we hardly get heavies! Right now the aircraft is still there and does not have a scheduled departure time!

All photo credits go out to my friend Daniel who gave me permission to share!


Wow, smoke in the cockpit 😬! Hope everyone’s ok!

Nice photos Daniel, it was nice of him to let your share them!


I call clickbait!

In all seriousness, really interesting post, and awesome photos. Smoke and fires onboard are the worst scenarios for pilots in midair


Completely agree and hey what’s a little clickbait 😂


Smoke in cockpit!!! Mayday mayday mayday!

If that happens to me, I’ll probably die 😂😂

Loved those photos 😍


Yikes! I wonder if there’s any objects I’ve come in contact with on that plane, seeing as it’s come from Austin (bored quarantine thoughts lol).

Great pictures!!

Really glad everything went well. Fire/Smoke is just the worst event possible in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing!

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This are some pretty nice close up shots!!

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