Decorative constant aircrafts in scenery

Is it possible to put decorative aircrafts on apron for only more realistic airport scenery? Of course, this feature may be cause of some performance issues, but if every player can choose number and density of those aircrafts according to their devices, this problem would be solved. I feel alone if there is no other online pilot. Those constant aircrafts can add more realism and solve that.


Request this as a Features and maybe you’ll get some votes!

I don’t think it’s likely. The gate will be very busy if there are many people ,but,it is a good idea!

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Maybe for solo I suppose.

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You can always request or vote for it on Features

Besides that, there are several reasons why Infinite Flight wouldn’t add that yet, from what I know. One is that it would affect the performance of one’s device. Another is that it could cause confusion to ATC and players in game, plus the whole point of IF is that it is multiplayer. IF is also working with another game engine which would make it difficult to transfer this feature from the current to the new. Of course this could change, but this might answer the possibility of your request in more depth.

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