Decoding VV002

Recently my airport has been experiencing LIFR (Ceiling less than 500’ and visibility less than 1SM) our METAR has been showing VV002 as the ceiling which is decoded according to the AIM page 7-1-62 as indefinite ceiling 200. We have also been below IAP minimums which are at 300’ but aircraft have still been conducting approaches mostly using PAR. Our PAR is rated 100 HAT and our ILS is 200 HAT published. Accoring to NOTAM our minimums are 273 MDA for both PAR and ILS.

Someone can correct me if I’m working but planes (that are properly equipped) can still land in those conditions. It’s more than likely they are shooting a CAT 2 approach or actually have the runway environment insight

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Any doubt we always plan for CAT 3B, no decision height only requirement needed is a runway visual range of 75 meters.

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Whoa that’s some ancient stuff right there.

When the visibility got that low they started executing missed approaches and diverted. We only have a CAT1 ILS

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Believe it or not our published PAR minimums are 100 HAT and our ILS is 200 HAT

Unfortunately we only have a CAT 1 with a monitored approach and ALSF1. Is it weird just letting the plane land itself without seeing anything?

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“Runway environment should be insight, contact tower when able” lol

Built in 1950 and we couldn’t get the transmitter to work for a good half hour

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First time is scary but it’s an amazing experience, in the end you will always see something but it could be barely enough to taxi out of the runway.

I guess that is easier than taxiin in the dark on IF…

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Check this clip, rvr 125 meters we can go down to 75 meters. This depends on the crew qualification, aircraft + airport status mainly.

That’s insane, what’s the lowest you personally have done? I was having trouble operating ground control because we don’t have any ASDE so just used good old reports to separate inbounds from outbounds.

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