Decoding Flight plan

Can someone please help me understand this flight plan and how to insert it into IF. I would really appreciate it.

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Ok, just want to put it out there, SkyVector is NOT the best way to get flight plans for IF. I find Not promotion as it is relevant in this case is always the best resource for flight plans. But if you must use SkyVector, simply click (or scroll over, I can’t remember which) each dot. Each will have a waypoint name which you can then find on the map in IF and add it to your flight plan. Alternatively, if you want ultimate realism, try searching your route on Google using icao-ciao (eg. EGLL-KLAX). The first result is normally a flight aware one. Simply choose that one, find a real world flight on that route, then click/tap on it. On that page, find the encoded route, which you can copy into the search bar in IF to add that route as your flight plan. Hope this helps.


You can also click Flight Plan -> Nav log to see a list of all the waypoints in the fpl

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@Chris_S made this fantastic converter that will give you a flight plan within a minute of Generation. It even includes missing waypoints. It can’t do SkyVector yet, but SimBrief plans are almost identical to what SkyVector’s suggestions are.


Hey all.

This was a oicture i took for my event. It isnt the actual flight plan but a picture to show the rough route of the event. I will be providing the flight plan on the day for everyone to copy.

Can we close the comments for this as i think he misunderstood the post.
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Yet… That is the key word. Its on my radar but I am swamped with work that actually pays the bills first.

Yes Moderator. Please close this. I believe that I misunderstood the post. Thank u all for assisting me with this issue.