DECLINE Takeoff Clearance

I would like to propose that infinite flight add the ability for a pilot to decline a takeoff or landing clearance. As it is now, a pilot could be violated for not following the direction to takeoff or land.

In meat space aviation, it is common for pilots to decline an takeoff, especially an immediate takeoff clearance. There are many many reasons why this can happen. Maybe the pilot is uncomfortable with how close another aircraft is. Maybe the pilot is flying a heavy aircraft, and needs to do a run up at the end of the runway before releasing his brakes. Likewise there are many reasons why a pilot would decline a landing clearance and execute a missed approach… So I would like to suggest that infinite flight add the decline button to the interface. It increases safety in our virtual world. It’s also not too hard to program. If you like it then go for it.

I understand this, however, if they were to decline a takeoff or landing clearance, it could disrupt the flow of traffic thus leading to the possibility of a violation

As well, the pilot needs to request a takeoff or landing clearance in order to receive one, so in my opinion, this doesn’t make too much sense


Duplicate. And as for the landing, if you need to break off your landing clearance, simply announce “Going around”. This is an acceptable way to decline your landing clearance. 🙂