Declan O || IFATC Practice Tracking Thread | CLOSED

Hey guys,

This is where I will announce when I open up frequencies to control at on the TS. I will be practicing for when I re-apply again for IFATC in a couple months time…hopefully.

Would love to see you guys there and feel free to leave any feedback. That’s what helps you improve!

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Hey guys, currently open at YSSY (Sydney Kingsford International) on TS1.

Please come by if you are free. Feedback is greatly appreciated either via PM or by replying to this topic!

Edit: Closed

Also @Jacob_Sim, is controlling at YBBN (Brisbane), so it is perfect to do some flying between YSSY - YBBN with the new Qantas B738.


Now officially open at LFPG, be sure to come by.

Feedback is always appreciated.

I was just at LFPG. You weren’t there.
Please make sure you update the title of your post, after closing.

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