@Declan_O ATC Tracking Thread (PASSED PRACTICAL)

Welcome To My ATC Tracking Thread!

Hey guys, I’m currently running some ATC sessions to brush up on some of my skills for when I apply for IFATC in the future. Your feedback is always appreciated either here or via PM.

I will update this topic when I’m open, so that some of you can join and test my controlling out.


I’ve got my IFATC practical coming up shortly, so feedback is appreciated!


Ill be there

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Awesome thank-you!

Thank you great controlling 👍🏻

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No problem, thank-you for coming along and participating!

Feedback:When I requested full stop runway 22L you were suppose to send roger then BAVA377 number 1, cleared to land.
When you gave me exiting instructions when I landed you couldve sent exit runway when able cross runway xxx.

Otherwise you did good😉

Cool, thanks for your feedback. With the exit instruction I agree.

I already gave you cleared for the option though, and cleared for the option covers a full stop landing as well.

Thanks for coming by mate!


Currently open at PHNL! Come and fly some patterns!

Feedback is always appreciated, either here or via PM.

Will be there in few moments

Awesome, thanks mate!

Yes, please can we discuss via PM, and keep on topic here mate! Thanks!

To be honest i was really focused controlling the aircraft with these winds hahah , but you did a good job controlling all these aircrafts.
With my pattern works your responses were fast and clear .
And i got quite good XP thanks to you haha
Thanks for the service, i will see you when you control again

Thank-you mate, I appreciate it! Hope to see you again soon!

Now closed, thanks to everyone for coming out!

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Open Now At KSSC! Come by and fly some patterns!

If you have any feedback be sure to leave it below or PM me. It’s always appreciated!

Thanks @sebi-ue for coming by! I’m still open for a round another 1 hour if anyone wants to come by!

I’m praticing for IFATC!


Hey there!

  • Correct clearances, only gave pattern entry when I asked for a runway change
  • correct use of exit runway command
    Not much more I can comment on, to be honest, but you did everything right that you can with only one aircraft in your airspace. I’d like to see you with more than just me flying around :)
    Thanks, Callsign OK55

Thanks for the feedback!

Closed now everyone! Will open a busy airport soon!

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Open at PHNL

Praticing for IFATC! Please leave feedback either here or via PM. It’s appreciated!

Gaah I need four more landings till grade four, I’ll stop by