Declan_Mcgee's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]@N/A

Hello lads my names Declan and I’ve applied for IFATC.

I am training to become an IFATC member and I will need practice. I will be opening a few airports where I shall practice.

I would greatly appreciate it if you were to come around and fly a few patterns 👍.

Thanks for the help
Declan McGee (IF IRELAND)

Completed sessions

•@GCLP| 1:14 |15/3/20


About to open GCLP anyone who wants to come, feel free to fly a few patterns!😁

GCLP IS NOW OPEN (feel free to come)

Sorry, I only had time todo a transition and then a full stop.
I was T-SHAN, here are a few things to work on.

  • you are over controlling a lot. There is zero need for a pattern entry to be sent for every pattern leg. The only times you need to send a pattern entry are when aircraft call inbound, or a runway change. Even then, you only need to send one pattern entry. How far the pilot flies their upwind or downwind leg is entirely up to their discretion, and you should only change the length of X pattern leg if you need to deconflict with other aircraft. E.G. “extend downwind” if an aircraft is turning base earlier than you want them to.
  • clearances need to be earlier. Ideally try to clear somewhere between upwind-early downwind.
  • your transition was spot on, well done. The strange thing is that that’s the thing most people get wrong.

That’s all I had time to test you. I would have loved to test runway changes or sequencing but I didn’t have the chance. Happy controlling!

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Thanks Tim appreciate it!

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Thanks Tim and josh for coming!

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EBBR IS OPEN. Come along and fly a few patterns

I might be able to come have some patterns

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Thanks for coming dude appreciate it!

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No problem. Just a heads up you don’t have to always say make right/left traffic if the aircraft has already been instructed from takeoff. It’s only needed when you tell the aircraft runway change or different pattern entry.

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Ye ori thanks for the advice!

No need for pattern entry, you told me to make right traffic.
Sequence then clear.

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It was because I told you to extend Downwind that’s why I instructed You to enter base and straight in

There is no need to tell him to enter base and straight in. Like I said in my feedback, if you are you are sending those commands then you are over controlling again.

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What I’ve noticed so far for aircraft remaining in the pattern
Sequencing is late, you need to sequence on crosswind and clear early downwind.
No need for speed commands
After runway change you have to give make right/left traffic

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With the speed I wanted a bit more spacing just to be safe!

It is usually up to the pilots to maintain a safe distance from each other

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A better way would of extended me downwind and let Acey land before me.
Clear him as number 1 and sequence me behind him.


Spacing is grand now lads

Hey, you did everything good! Just some points :

  • When you cleared that guy for the runway crossing (when I was taxiing to the runway), you said : please expedite, but there was no needing of say this, as there was no aircraft holding short and there was no aircraft on final/short final
  • You cleared me a bit late, I was almost on final
  • When I said that I was on right base, full stop, you cleared me for the option but I said I would make a full stop
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