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No. Option covers both.


That’s what I thought

I was speedbird195
The New Zealand super was too big for the airport so you should have told him to not land. (I respect he was not following your instructions and would have landed anyway)
1 more thing, you didn’t need to tell me to contact tower.
Otherwise, Great ATC

No, if they receive it with their clearance or inial clearance they don’t need it again unless it changes or the runway changes

After reading this thread, I see alot of the problems you had when I flew last time. Did you acknowledge my feedback from last time? Tag me when you’re next open and I’ll come along

@Declan_O After reading this thread and the feedback you were giving, I strongly suggest that if you are serious about joining IFATC, to get in touch with a trainer. Not only are they all IFATC, but they´re also some of the most experienced members of the IFATC Community. It would definitely be a lot better than getting a bunch of bad habits from feedback from people who is not IFATC, thus obviously not having the qualifications/knowledge for it.

Have a nice day! :) Oh well, seems as that you didn’t bother.

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Thanks for the feedback, I knew that if I told him this he wasn’t going to follow my instructions because I asked him to land on runway 27 so the follow of traffic wasn’t disrupted but he went for runway 09 so that is why I put you in a little bit of a hold to get him out the way.
Thanks again :)

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Open Now @ EGBB (London) @Insertusernamehere

I see you are no longer at EGBB. I wanted to see how well you are doing…

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Yeah sorry I was open for around half an hour. I will open again at a different airport again soon

Stopped by but after you cleared me for takeoff you left. I guess it’s a testament to your pattern work that I didn’t have to go around, but if the airport you are working is busy stay until it calms down if at all possible. That way it ensures that chaos doesn’t ensue. :)

Ok, sorry for that I had to go for breakfast. I opened up for about 30 minutes though

No problem it happens to us all. Like I said stay if possible I don’t expect you to starve yourself for us.

Ok thanks haha, thanks for coming btw

Now open once again at Portland International (KPDX) TS1 @Insertusernamehere

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John might be asleep now so don’t get your hopes up for him. Hope you get some folks over there for your practice. Kind regards

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No worries, didn’t know what the time was there. Thanks for letting me know

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Don’t you have some night training to go to !!!

We trained last night. Ehrm, correction I had them pile into all of our apparatus and head over to see the progress of our new firehouse!

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Your thread shows you’re open, but I just went to PDX and there is no ground or tower frequency open… Make sure you change the title once you leave.

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