Declan_Lyall_Oregan ATC Tracking Thread | CLOSED

This Thread is to announce when I am runnning some ATC so, if you want you can come and join me.


I’ll stop by for a bit. I’m N929CA

Ok, cool. See you there! :)

I’ll come down. VH-TAC.

Ok, great. Am I still doing ATC for Qantas Event on the 11th btw?

I dunno. I’m not in Qantas Virtual.

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Just landed, and I think you need to work on pattern work and sequencing.

First, on pattern work, when you clear an aircraft for takeoff, you tell them to make left/right traffic. You did that today, so good job on that. However, after an aircraft rotates and makes its downwind, you have to clear them for the option and tell them to make left/right traffic after. This is to remind them what to do for their pattern.

Secondly, let’s talk about sequencing. Sequencing is extremely important to every controller. If you are planning to be IFATC, you need to have a great ability to issue sequencing instructions. When there’s no sequencing, the whole pattern gets messed up, and it will lead into a lot of conflicts and confusions. I saw a few sequencing but I think it could be a lot better. Please check the tutorials on sequencing here:
Video: The Art of Sequencing
If you can’t learn from videos: The Art of Sequencing: A Guide to Success

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Thanks for your feedback, I realize that sequencing is very important to avoid confusion in the pattern. Sorry about that I will try and improve next time :) Thanks for coming


Here is my feedback.
1st: You cleared me to line up and wait. There was no need for this as there was no other plane on the runway. That led for @AllegiantAir alsmost crashing into me and you giving him a go around.
2nd: there are other separation commands then just 360s and maintain slowest/ fastest practical speed. There is extend downwind/ upwind/ I’ll call your base and others.
3rd (Deleted)
I didn’t get any sequencing, and I saw other planes in front of me and close behind me, and I didn’t know if I or them would T&G first. As @CannedAviation said above, you should watch those videos.
I hope you learn for this and I hope your ATC thread goes well.
PS @AllegiantAir Do Not Ever Overtake planes in a Pattern. You overtook me and we almost collided.


Sir, I do not know what you mean by that, you were on your takeoff roll and I I was going around like told

Let’s just say, I was going about 120 KTS and you were going about 70 KTS
I also turned so there wouldn’t be a collision

I was told that cleared for the option covered everything including full stops, T&G’s, Stop and Go’s etc.

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He didn’t overtake he was performing a go around as requested by me and he was above you

Ok, thanks for letting me know, I was given wrong information then.

That was a different time when I was on downwind and he was turning after “taking off” from his T&G

Ok, yes I saw that one as well, he kind of cut in front of you. Sorry for the misunderstanding

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@Aussie_Cockatoo I’d work on understanding ATC yourself before giving feedback. I recommend you delete your incorrect/confusing “feedback”.


It is okay. Everyone makes mistakes. 🙂
EDIT oh, I made a mistake as well. 🤦‍♂️


I’m sorry for that, but I can’t just automatically slow down 40 kts in one second, when I do T&G’s I try to get as many landings in as possible, and so sometimes I will even go about 110 KTS to land

Thats fine :) Thanks for clarifying

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Reopening at London City

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