Declan_Blowes's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED PASSED WRITTEN] @ N/A

What i’m doing

I will be opening several airports across the world to hep improve my ATC written test score to help me get better at my ATC skills please find below an airport that may be open. If it is closed I will specify. please come along and do a flight! All of these services will be available on the training server.

please abide by all instructions and ATC commands


  • Grade 3+


EGNT from 1600Z until 1700Z on 5JUN20 CLOSED

GCFV from 1600Z until 1700Z on 6JUN20 CLOSED

EGCC from 1600Z until 1700Z on 8JUN20 CLOSED

EIDW from 1600Z until 1700Z on 9JUN20 CLOSED due to unforeseen circumstances

KSEA from 1730Z until 1830Z on 10JUN20 CLOSED

KSAN from 1500Z until 1600Z on 13JUN20 CLOSED in an event

KBFI from 1600Z until 1700Z on 16JUN20 CLOSED

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ill try to be there as its a lil late :)

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Ok see you there!

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Hope your ready

Yup im on tower and ground!😁

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I’ll stop by!

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Ok glad you know basic information
But some mistakes spotted
-unesscary I’ll call your base just clear for the option will do
subsequent times came in for touch n go no need for pattern entry eg(enter left downwind ) unless runway change
Once you have cleared me for the option no need for left traffic as you have already cleared me for left traffic
-late runway exit you can do it once the aircraft is below 70-60kts
Good call for the right on the next taxiway
Overall not bad well done mate need to work on more stuff 👍👍

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Thank you everybody for attending the EGNT session this really helped me.

All goods mate hope to see you controlling in expert server
Side note (dont get ghosted )
Because that happened to me and now I have to wait another 2 months lol

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Hi thanks for the service! I was N535WQ, and here’s some feedback:

  • Transition was spot on at 3000ft
  • Initial pattern entry and clearance were also what I’d give to an aircraft in that position, however things got a bit strange there. I don’t understand why you asked me to enter right downwind, I was completely fine on left downwind, and then I also don’t understand why you told me to enter straight in either. Once an aircraft is in the pattern, its down to them to remain in the pattern. If you wanted me to turn base, just issue the turn base command.
  • When I had completed my T&G, its always best to clear early, when an aircraft starts their downwind. I never received a clearance for my full stop either, which is why I called on final.
  • Scandinavian only received a clearance without pattern entry when they first called up, but I believe you tried to correct this.
  • The continue inbound command was unnecessary for Scandinavian, you could have just told them to enter straight in, and then sequenced them when I was on downwind. Typically, the continue inbound command is only used for aircraft who are very far away, or if your sequence is full and you are waiting for some people to land.
  • My runway exit was slightly late at around 45 kts, it should have been at around 70 kts but thats only very minor. The expedite, traffic on final was also unnecessary as Scandinavian was still around 12 miles out. You typically only use this when traffic to follow is on 5 miles or less final.

Overall, you showed a good knowledge of what you are doing, some more practice and you’ll be there!


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Everyone, the airport tommorow will be fuerteventura (GCFV) if you are able please attend at 1500z.

Happy flying

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Thanks for the feedback!😀

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Sorry everyone, the GCFV session is having to be postponed until 1600Z again until 1700Z

Thanks for understanding.

Hi everyone! Fuerteventura tower and ground is now open please come and test me on my ATC if you are available


Thanks for attending the GCFV session!😁

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All goods mate glad to help 🥰

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I strongly advise against restricting people who are not IFATC. Being IFATC or not doesn’t matter at all, as people who are not can still fly properly and give feedback. Everyone should be allowed to come, the more people there are the more you can practice handling inbounds and sequencing. A lot of ATC training pilots in the training group who fly for official training sessions are not in the IFATC team, so everyone should be given the right to fly a few patterns and give you feedback, IFATC qualified or not.

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Ok, ill remove this😊


Hi everyone!! EGCC is now open!

I’ll stop by! N535WQ as usual!

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