Declan_Blowes ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

What i’m doing

I will be opening several airports across the world to hep improve my ATC written test score to help me get better at my ATC skills please find below an airport that may be open. If it is closed I will specify. please come along and do a flight! All of these services will be available on the training server.

please abide by all instructions and ATC commands


GCLP 29JUL20 1415Z

Runways in use

03L & 03R
03L & 03R


Gran canaria Airport, ATIS information Alpha, time 1415 ZULU. Wind 360 at 31, visibility 10, temperature 26, dew point 12. Landing Runway 3L 3R, Departing Runway 3L 3R.


I’ll come by in 5 minutes :D

Cheers see ya there!

I was PR031 :) Feedback:

  • Good that you changed the active runway. Your post says 5R DEP/ARR.
  • No need to use “fly runway heading” if there is no traffic that can conflict with me.
  • Transition altitude was perfect! 3000ft.
  • Good pattern instruction for both runways when I requested.
  • When you cleared me for the option for 23L, it should have been “after the option, make left traffic”, not right traffic, to avoid any potential conflicts with 23R.
  • I didn’t receive a clearance to land for 23R the first time. Thats why I had to kept reporting my position, and then going around
  • Runway exit command was given at the right time

Just some small mistakes that can easily be corrected. Overall, you did a good job :D

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Cheers! Thanks for giving up your time and coming along!

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No problem! Hope to see you in IFATC soon :D


Might come, will you still be open?

Closed now im opening at KFAT tomorrow though!

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Tag me Declan!

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I dont suppose you know how to create one of them tables do you?

Wat are u talking about?

The ones in events and everything

I do, talk in slack

Everyone im opening KSAN at 1645Z

Hi everyone! Gran canaria ground is opening in 9m

Hey, I would join, but I am opened. My airport is really dead, no one there

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Why don’t u come to me instead 😏

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Will do!!!

Do you want ‘noob’ treatment or not?

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Do you want me to do everything correctly or can I act as a noob and test you?