Decisions, Decisions! (Second Try)


I messed up the poll on the other one. This is the new one. A close family member of mine has multiple job offers to fly charter planes for charter companies. He told me not to say the company names, so, I won’t. The whole point of this topic being created, is to decide which aircraft are the most popular. They all pay around the same amount. He said that the most popular airplane is the one he will chose to fly. Here’s the poll!

  • Beechcraft King Air C-90
  • Embraer Phenom 300E
  • Dassault Falcon 900EX
  • Cessna Citation X+
  • Cessna Grand Caravan

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I would say the Citation or the Caravan as they are very popular.


He has type ratings for all of those aircraft? I’m sorry I’m not familiar with General/Business type ratings as much as I am commercial, but that seems really diverse…

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I think I stand with other IFC members saying:

Please don’t decide your family members future by this poll. Let them make the decision :)

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Agreed. Family members should chose what they want to do based on QOL and such… not a simulator forum


Agree with the people above saying that this forum should not be the deciding factor. In addition, the Grand Caravan and Citation X are the only two planes that are in this simulator so there is likely bias towards those.

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@Jack_BC @therealbobison The jobs last about 2-3 months. He also flies 737-800s for Delta.

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Interesting. Didn’t know the airline allow that

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So can you explain how that exactly works? What are his type ratings exactly? Because it seems like he has 3 or 4 (which may be allowed, again, just seems like some rule is broken when you have type ratings for 3+ aircraft…)

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I wish I had that many job offers… 😂

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Caravan in non winter region wins for me, especially if it’s island hopping or on floats.

That said, X+ any day. Good trips and good range.

Lastly a tie for 300E ( I love this plane for obvious reasons) a d 900EX

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There’s a grey area. You can do contract work on the side, but if it comes between out timing flight hrs wise for the year and Delta couldn’t use him, you better believe Delta will have a word with him.

@Kevin you can have 15 type ratings and that stays with you your entire life. However, there’s a difference between having said types and being current in those said types.

Some 91 work just requires a safety pilot where the owner operator will fly the plane but insurance or the individual require a safety pilot to sit in. In which case you don’t have to be current on said type. Hope that makes sense.


Ah okay. Seems to be a very vague area. It’s good to learn things haha

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It is. Welcome to the FAA and FARS lol

A lawyer clearly wrote that book . Haha


Haha clearly. Let’s just hope he won’t get in trouble

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No more than 15?


The most I have seen is 19 on the back of a license. There is no limit I am aware off