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When speaking of Infinite Flight as a mobile flight sim, usually another sim would come to mind. RFS. Real Flight Simulator was released in 2019 but somehow has more features than Infinite Flight. RFS has more aircraft types, more airlines, taxi lights, aircraft callouts and warnings, runway lighting, working ground vehicles, and in-game checklist. Infinite flight has been around for a lot longer than that to say the least but why aren’t we ahead of RFS? I am not bringing up a competition between the two but this is what usually happens. I feel the main reason why Infinite Flight cannot progress faster is because you guys are too focused on one subject at a time. RFS updates are more frequent and contain more features, therefore, branch out into other subjects such as fixing multiplayer and replay glitches. RFS has been able to beat Infinite Flight’s AIRCRAFT amount adding more interesting aircrafts such as the 747-8F, 747-400F, 737-800BCF, 757F, the list goes on. Infinite flight is mainly reworking their aircrafts which is good because nobody wants to look at a roblox cockpit when they expected the best flight sim on mobile. Small changes such as VNAV for climbing and correct GPWS would make the game more enjoyable. I would also like to see more pilot communication options such as “entering a runway” or “backtracking a runway” when the aircraft is not taking off nor crossing. When releasing these small updates along with aircraft reworks, it becomes to much better to play because the players would have great opportunities to get what they want and also make them more optimistic to Infinite Flight’s future. I’d like to make it clear that this is not my opinion but nearly everyone. When you think about it, who doesn’t want more pilot communication or who doesn’t want VNAV for climbing? The time between each update is long, fine, but we better see the update is more than just “reworked 717 and bug fixes.” Liveries is also a problem. I believe someone said that with each new aircraft there should be more differences between liveries but look, when was the last time you saw someone flying a C208 with Gum Air? My point is that if your aircraft reworks is based on majority vote then why can’t the airlines be, why bother adding a livery nobody flies. Where is the Amazon 737? I bet if you added that, they would be flown everywhere and new comers would say “omg new 737F I want to fly that!” And they won’t go “omg Gum Air C208 I want to fly that!” It just doesn’t happen. I hope you took great consideration of by advice and don’t pass off your shoulder and say “well it is what it is” I took a whole lot of time writing this.


RFS update is more frequent because it prob take a short time to make compared to IF, IF aircraft have more details and realism than RFS. Personally I like both simulator but IF update takes a while but it provide good quality compared to RFS I prefer quality more than quantity


honestly its really hard to debate whether rfs is actually better than IF

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In the days when RFS was released, IF does not have 3D buildings, and everyone was super excited about those “HD” airports like this:

And now, IF has grown to this:

while RFS remains the model quality in the first picture.

So in a word, quality beats quantity. IF is a small company with limited staff number, so just give them time.


True I would rather long update waiting time for the developer to perfect everything rather than rushing it and the quality is not good


yall are making good points

Every simulator has its ups and downs, none our completely perfect. I would just choose whatever you actually care about, but InfiniteFlight’s the one for me!

RFS’s general quality is a lot worse I might add.


IF is more about quality over quantity and it is not easy to achieve both considering the specs of a phone.

Hi there,

While which sim you choose is ultimately up to you, I’d just like to address some of the points you’ve made as I think they may be based on some incorrect assumptions.

This is simply not the case - we are simultaneously working on many features in multiple different areas. Some of this isn’t communicated publicly, but I promise we’re not all sitting around just adding ground services. Some insanely cool stuff is on the horizon. Not least of all is taxi lights - we’ve been working on that at the same time as all the ground services features. And plenty more things that are still to be announced too :)

Who says we’re not working on these? We’re currently redeveloping our multiplayer servers from the ground up to fix a lot of the issues that exist in that space currently, and with a completely new architecture that will allow us to implement features in the future like syncing ground objects and jetbridges.

I don’t think it’s really fair to compare here. We aim for quality, not quantity. This goes for all aspects of IF, we would rather spend 12 months on a game-changing feature to perfect than ship something that’s half-done.

I’m sorry but this is not a small change. Descending is nice because gravity does all the hard work, but for climbing things vary significantly from aircraft to aircraft based on engine performance, weight, and a variety of other factors. This again comes back to quality over quantity - you wouldn’t want us to release VNAV for climbing if it didn’t work on the C172 or A380, would you?

I 100% agree here. Tyler, the head of our IFATC team, recently wrote up a document for us devs with all the changes he’d like to see to ATC. And honestly, I love ATC and would love to implement them. However they’re currently on hold as if we were to change things now, then when the new multiplayer server improvements come, we’d have to rewrite it all anyway. Now I can’t promise that it’ll come as soon as the new multiplayer servers are released, but I promise I really want this too and will try to get it done when it’s feasible.

I want those things too. And so do the rest of the team. We all play this sim too, we’d love those things. But I suppose the point I’m trying to make here is that there are other factors at play that aren’t always obvious that are preventing us from implementing those things.

I’m not sure you understand the magnitude of the task of reworking an aircraft. When we rework an aircraft, we delete what was there and start again. The entire process takes around 6 months from the artists placing the first polygons (excuse the terminology here, I don’t really understand that side of things) to Laura making the final physics adjustments to ensure the physics of each aircraft in the sim matches its real-world counterpart. If we release a rework with an update, that’s a big deal and is no small undertaking.

It’s a very fine line that we have to walk here between adding major liveries and adding liveries of underrepresented areas. The latter is good because it allows you to visit unique parts of the world you may not have otherwise discovered, and we have noted on many occasions that the vote count is not the only thing that ties into decisions on what liveries to add, and even what aircraft to rework. However, I believe you may be contradicting yourself here. Currently the top voted livery is the new TAP Portugal A330-300 livery with 150 votes. The Amazon 737-800 has a mere 13. If we were to add it, would that not go against what you are suggesting for adding liveries based on majority vote?

I do appreciate you taking the time to write this out, and I hope too that the time I took to write this reply makes it a little more insightful than “it is what it is”.



while RFS does provide more frequent updates, some of their aircraft aren’t of utmost quality. IF strives for the whole quality over quantity idea, which is why IF is further behind. They want to ensure high quality updates for users to enjoy. While getting frequent updates is nice, the quality is also important. RFS’ plane models aren’t all the same within an aircraft family. Their 777-200 and 777-300ER models look very different, despite them originating from the same family. While they do have some differences irl, the fuselage design looks pretty similar, except the -300ER has larger engines and raked wingtips. Despite that, RFS builds a whole new model for each aircraft. IF doesn’t do this as we can see a consistent model design throughout each 777 variant.


I was just about to say this, sure RFS may update like every freaking second, but compare their updates to Infinite Flights, RFS graphics are not nearly as good, and simple realism things such as jet bridge timing, or maybe its lagginess. So sure Infinite Flight may only upload once a month (which I think is a considerable amount really) the updates are higher quality the RFS. Quality over Quantity

Edit: i oretty much said the same exact thing as @N908QD

I do have a feeling though looking at their interface, RFS is actually one of our members here. Whatever IF does, whatever we ask for, even whatever we say without asking for a feature request, they seem to know and release their own updates (plus a few of their own amazing stuffs being put into their sim).

All in all, the competition exist - and that is just one. And a fact that can not be refuted is that all of them will pop up and will progress in time. Not long we’ll have the same calibre competition in quality that would put consumers at cross roads like what we have between PC consumers between choosing X-Plane, MSFS, etc. And the same will happen to this mobile sim situation in the future, where the only winners will be the consumers, wherever we go, we’ll be presented with top notch competing qualities. IF or no IF.

That being said, I really love IF, that’s where the other marketing factors weight in: customer loyalty (that’s a term I borrowed from economics class 101 studies about market competition). Also, the friendship I made with many many of my favourite people in IF.

If I may share an input as a user to the wizards of IF, from the technical side that’ll be to simply be more daring and take more chances and adjust or expand the coding force ingenuitively ( A cook who works on his own the same way all the time will have his kitchen the same size all the time …a Chinese proverb I loosely paraphrased). From the consumer interaction and marketing side, IF is way ahead, but that doesn’t mean IF could relax. I always say what wins IF has always been its soul. It’s a sim that’s “alive” somehow, both forum-wise and most importantly, in- app in the skies! Maybe focus to expand on that, again, ingenuitively, also to focus on interactions that celebrate both individualities and community-ness, in-app. Lastly, any bussiness is show bussiness, create a spectator POV broadcast on other platforms to celebrate public broadcast of events or daily hectic commotions in airports - win it from the promotional factors never seen before in any simulators, you’ve created a world already, so why not host big parties in it! :D

Dunno if I’m making sense, wished I have the time to show what I meant in video format, but for now that’s just my two cents, guys :)

This already exists and is used at TNCM or LPMA for example.

I think the OP was talking about it being an option on Unicom or Ground/Tower from the pilot’s side, rather than just on the ATC controller’s side.

Ah I see. What I do is announce a runway crossing or a regular take off.

Thanks all. No point to compare sims, each one has their own distinctive features. Infinite Flight has this amazing community and the interactive IFATC that are hard to compete with. We respect other sims and their fans, but we always value our own ❤️