Deciding my Second Gemini Jets Aircraft [Decided]

Hey Guys, I guess I will be getting a second Gemini Jets plane. I already managed to get a Concorde, and now I want to get a tri-jet in 1:400 Scale. I need your opinion which one is the best so that I can purchase one today. I am using by the way

ATA DC-10 1:400 $35.00
Condor DC-10 1:400 $32.00 ORDERED
World Airways MD-11 1:400 $37.00
Garuda Indonesia MD-11 1:400 $35.00

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I suggest you get the Condor DC-10-30. It’s excellent, I got it only a few hours ago for Christmas :)


I was thinking on getting it, but I can’t decide whether to get the ATA one or Condor

Get the Condor one!


Personally, I like the Condor one better because of the metallic grey.

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Can you PM me some photos? Including the Size difference?

Sure, but it’s like 1:30AM here. Do you mind waiting like 8 hours 😂

Its 12:38pm here in New Hampshire lol

Back on Topic:

So I guess I should get the Condor DC-10?


Thanks everyone! I bought the condor DC-10! Should arrive on Wednesday, had to pay $11.75 shipping though, but I wanted it to arrive early and took the risk, so It should be here on Wednesday.

Bought my second Gemini Jets plane!

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get the garuda indonesia it looks the best.

Already bought the Condor DC-10. Too late now

Good choice! Looks pretty.

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