Decide my youtube channel name!

I recently watched a few IF youtube videos and thought I would give it a go.

This channel will include VA flight’s, Tutorials, Full Flight Videos, Reviews, Game Updates and possibly IF Airport Spotting.

I need a channel name, so you amazing lot reply below to what name you think my channel should be. I will pick out my favourite 3 and then a poll will be created where you guy’s and girl’s can vote for your favourite :)

I will also need a channel logo made. So after the name has been announced, another vote will take place for best logo.

I want this channel to be as community based as possible, I will try and include member’s into as many videos as I can!


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IFgeek? Something-related-IFgeek? Just let your imagination guide you! I think you will make the right choice

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I don’t think this is the right place for this kind of question. I think you should ask this in the IF Discord server, not the forum.


If he doesn’t have pro, he can’t access the discord server. Plus, I think IFC has more reach than IF discord.

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The issue with Discord is the fact there aren’t any sevtions specific for youtube announcements and most people go to the forum as its easier to find info

How about “CallumAviation?”

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Or “AviatorCallum?”

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