Decide my next ULTRA long haul!

I want to get some more flight time
trying to get to 1,000 hours

so tonight i am doing CYYZ-RPLL

what should I do tomorrow?

  • OTHH-KLAX Qatar B777-200LR
  • OMDB-KLAX Emirates A380
  • OMAA-KLAX Etihad B77W

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I think the Etihad B77W or the Qatar 777 route would be the best. I’ve recently done flights with the A380, and it definitely needs a rework to say the least. 😬


Good luck for you flight!

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Typing this as I fly the Mammoth

Below can help!

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Ok guys!
Thanks for voting

It looks like I am doing OMAA-KLAX in a 77W
Have a good day!

I dare you to do it with either an: A319/A320/A321/A318 or 737/738 or 739!!!

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click nice

What aircraft you gon use for CYYZ-RPLL? A350? I assume A350 cause it is actually used on that route

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Yes, I use the Philippine airlines A350

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I one time did I a 8 hour flight in a 737 with Copa airlines

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