Decide My Next Flight for Tomorrow Morning

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to decide on what route to fly for tomorrow morning! All of these routes are with Frontier Airlines! All of those routes are with a A320. If you’d like to join the flight, just let me know.

  • KORD to TJSJ
  • KPHL to TJSJ
  • KEWR to TJSJ

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Newark to TJSJ in the United 777 is an amazing flight

Oh wow! I never follow that route in Infinite Flight before!

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Nah, Chicago, because… Chicago

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I agree with @AviationReports…,but with different reasoning.

I’d suggest using one yourself, too. Certainly makes those “hard” decisions easy.


Close the polls, @Thunderbolt has the answer

The poll will close when I wake up in the morning

Come on people… vote for Philly!! haha


Poll has been closed! I will be flying KEWR to TJSJ

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