Why did they stop updates for Windows phones? Just but the Game and I’m really desapointed… Too bad

@Titom… Max is just askin; Tell me Tom, are you related to or a clone of “Jan Skyler”? He was a recent Forum join who sniveled first time out of the box to?

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Your comment doesn’t help at all dear mustang. At least give me a decent explication or the Hope to get an upload soon! Cheers

@Titom… Max Sez. Your subject line “Deception” got my attention Tom. It sent me a negative vide! Couple the vide with your profile & low hours Forum history it fit the profile of a repeat spammer. Just had to ask! No harm intended. Welcome aboard.

@benny1263… Max Sez… “Trust but Verify”! Words to live by…

I’m a real Player who love This game, it’s the best simulator for phones devices. I hope you understand i think it’s not fait for window’s phone Player when I can ses how others users have Much more fun than I do!


Welcome to the Forum @Titom, Try to search topics, chances are that the topic you are searching for already exists.

BTW your question maybe answered in the topic below :)


Thanks Sumith:)

Team Carson ^