Decent Altitudes

I’m still unsure what altitudes to be at when descending into an airport. When I have VNAV its easy because it has the altitudes set but when there are no altitudes what altitude do I decent too and when. I have the exact same question with what speed you have to be in decent.

If someone could please tell me what they do that would be great. I also have another question: Not all VNAV routes are appropriate to my route. For example, right now I’m flying LA to New York but I couldn’t find any Arrivals or Approaches that suited my route? Surly because this is a popular route there must be an Approach & Arrival that suits me. So because of that, I have to manually make a plan to decent to the airport which is where the decent altitude problem comes into place.

You can see the correct heights and speeds for your approach in so-called “charts”. There is also other important information for your approach. You can find these charts like this:

  1. You search the internet for the charts:

You just enter the Airport ICAO and then charts.

  1. There are apps with which you can have all the charts at once. A good example is Navigraph or ForeFlight.

The STARs, SIDs and approaches that you have in Infinite Flight are not always completely correct. You just have to look a little. However, some approaches do not fit all STARs. You always have to be careful.

I hope I could help you with this :)


Thank you!

Otherwise, a good way to descend can be around 150 nautical miles out, at -1200fpm.

Or, you could set the altitude for where you enter the localiser. I recommend 3000ft AAL.

Some good info above.
Have you seen this part of the Flying Manual?

very good answers allready here, so I wont repeat whats allready beeing said.
but to add a additional Tip, which I use especially when I approach controlled airspace (Approach controller online) I try to aim to be at FL180 at around 60nm out, as this is the Height you should have at the point of contacting approach.

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