Decending with approach

If you have a short flight with a flight plan including an ils but no star, and you contact approach and request ils approach. Then they say continue as filed expect ils approach, does this give permission to decend since there no altitudes in flight plan, and since there was no request to decend via star cayse there was no star selected?

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If you have an ils approach in your flight plan, then yes

yes, this thus gives you the permission to decent , but at any moment ATC can provide vectors i.e. headings and altitudes for an approach as well as can also say “to include ATC preferred STARS” for arrival.
check this tutorial for more help

The VNAV Tutorial

By saying “continue as filled”, ATC gives you permission to continue on your own heading and altitude and an appropriate speed. However, as others have said, as always be ready to receive vectors which you must follow in that case! There is no need to request altitude change if you get a “continue as filled”!

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