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When I am descending but at the same time also wanting my speed to go down it just doesn’t because of the descending it gains speed even on 0 thrust. Any advice on how I could get my speed down on decent?


Use your flight spoilers, these are the easiest way to decrease speed in slippery aircraft :)


Yup, use as much drag as possible! Also, try to start your descent on time (VNAV can help you with this). If you have no STAR, I would recommend starting your descent at or around 120NM from FL340, closer or further depending on your altitude.


The more vertical speed on your descend the more speed you will gain. Decreasing your vertical speed will help your aircraft slow down more. Others mentioned some other great methods you can use as well if you ever find yourself in this situation again.

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Yep, I used a STAR and eventually I slowed down. Thanks for the advice.


Hey @bobby_joe_21!

There is a very useful and great tutorial made by infinite flight to show the proper step by step process of descent.

It is here:

Hope this helps!

-Planeviation 😄👍


If you are ever stuck in a situation where your plane is nearing that 10000 ft mark and your speed is still well above 250 and ticking down very slowly…just rapidly disconnect vnav if you have it on; and then pull Vs to 0. Your plane will stop descending and will slow down to below 250. Then begin descending again.

It’s a good idea to slow down in advance. With VNAV on, I like to bring speed down to 240 while at 13k feet without engaging spoilers. That way, the plane begins slowing down early and is usually at 240 knots by the time it crosses below 11k feet. Be extra careful with the B777 series. That plane doesnt like to slow down, so you got to give it even more time.

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spoliers to flight mode, hope it helps :)

Hello dear.
First if you decend with VNAV you should make sure your speed no more than 0.60 , and make sure you active spoiler flight if needed .
Second if you landing without VNAV make sure you start decend within 160 NM and do everything’s above .
Fly safe ✌🏻

U can try turning on ur spoilers, put it on spoilers flight, it should help

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