Decend fueldump ATC - future Request

I was heading for YSSY with A380 the other day.
During decend I realized that I had to dump fuel. I was at 12000ft and wanted to dump fuel to MLW,
The tower told me to expect 34R and that I was number three for landing.
I was right downwind rwy 34R , and here is my question:
How do I tell approach/Tower that I need to make a 360 to dump fuel to minimum? cause I got
" follow instructions " when I “announced going around” even that I know this is not right , I didnt find other options.
What is the callout when a aircraft need to dump fuel ? Is it possible to maybe get a function to tell approach/tower that need to make a 360 and circle to dump fuel ?

What would u do etc? Need help with this?


Fly Safe @Bluewing

You can’t unless you have other forms of communication with the controller. It is your (Pilot in command’s) responability to bring the right amount of fuel.


You can extend the downwind until ATC ask you to enter base.

But tower can’t help you, you have to check fuel before your descent.


In this situation if I forgot to dump fuel before descend, I would abort landing/cancel landing clearance climb back to a suitable FL and dump it descend again and land.

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The best solution is to create a command because ATC can’t see your level of fuel.

Turn the subject into a feature request or vote if one already exsist

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There really isn’t much you can do. What I would do is extend my downwind as long as I need it and pray the controller doesn’t call my base. Why/how were you 12000ft in the air when you were on the tower frequency anyway?

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If there’s a message you want to convey to the controller isn’t available, either because of a glitch or because the message doesn’t exist, just use your callsign. In this case you could set it to FUELDUMP. It can however be difficult to communicate in situations like these.

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You could have done an overweight-landing procedure. In IF it is a normal approach but you have to fly a bit faster.


I agree with you, I’m gonna check the fuel twice before pushback. 😊

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Also, if you know you are going to be overweight, just do a 360 over uncontrolled airspace. If you already tuned in to approach/tower then I would just divert.

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Thank you so much , that was a good tip. Thanks

That’s what “Missed Approach” is for. Announce Missed Appraoch and then go off and dump your fuel before recommending your approach.

I have only had to dump fuel once for being over weight, and it didn’t take very long to do. Golden rule is that this is one of the things to check before your TOD.


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