December Update with the C-130 is here!

Sorry for maybe being ignorant… but i checked this forum and could not find any mention of Global Flight. What is it / can someone point me in the right direction to it?



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It’s been here for days

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Totally agree man!

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Another great update guys! My personal wishlist comes more and more true! Unfortunately the performance of my Air 2 is at its end now. Please keep an eye on that to keep it real realistic as it is and hopefully not was… for my opinion it is shaking and hanging to much even on medium since the last update. But a lot of great work is done without any question! Thanks!

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Shaking? What do you mean?

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I would guess he’s talking about the floating point bug. :)
Looking forward to see it fixed in the global branch of Infinite Flight! Keep up the great work!


Odd, my Air two works great. The floating point bug will be fixed in global I believe.

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Yep, it’s fixed, and flying far with no shaking is awesome ;)


Did you say no shaking, OMG, sounds awesome.


Now if we can just get @JoshFly8 to stop crashing we will be all set and ready for global.


Don’t forget about Dushy either ;)


It probably depends with the device memory.

Memory doesn’t make a difference.

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When you buy your device, the more memory you take, the faster your device will run.

Do tell…

On the C130 when dropping paratroopers, do you open just the ramp, the doors or both?

No sorry misunderstanding, I mean that the performance speed is too low. The moves are dithered, not such a smooth gliding of the ground than known from the past. Of course I have restarted the iPad to see if that was the reason for a slow graphic performance…,

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