December Update with the C-130 is here!

As long as it takes for them to approve the update.

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Come on iOS 😂


I know you hear this all the time but get Live+

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I update the IOS AppStore every couple of minutes.😂


Same here I’m like, apple, plz .-.

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Sooo, will work on the DC-10 / MD-11 be started after Global is completed, or?..


I’m figuring they might start work on it around the time global is gonna be realesed, could be before or after

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But you never know, for all we know it could come out with global

Development of Aircraft and regions is not mutually exclusive, I don’t know how many times I’ve been over this.

I don’t either. Can you please explain?

So the technologies and solutions required for global is on different arms. As Laura has alluded to, she was working on the C-130 without anyone else from FDS helping. So the rest of FDS was working on the plane all along.

lolzzz…you want people to work for free?

You should see how much it costs to get all the schooling, training and equipment to build a flight sim from scratch. Not too mention costs of even doing business, and making sure we have highly skilled people doing all the work. People who all need to eat, and when food, shelter, and clothing are all free worldwide, then maybe things will change.


At this point, Live+ is the best way to go.

The C130 wings are very rigid. They don’t flex much to begin with.


And don’t forget…

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I’m a little bit confused as well.

@Snelweg_A15 all the variants off rhe C-130 are €5,49

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Woot can’t wait till it hits IOS, I’ve had the game for 3 days and already in love. Can’t wait to try the C-130. Are there any plans to add more smaller aircraft, there is a citation X already. Would be cool to have more of the citation family and other corporate aircraft. More turbo props would be cool as well, Piper Pa-42 (Cheyenne family), King air, Cessna conquest, etc… Thanks for the awesome sim, especially on a handheld device!


If they do release a new plane again (approx 4-5 months) that would be in April/May which would’ve been a year since we got that “April Fool’s” pic of global