December spotting @KDFW

Long time no see IFC. Here’s some shots from the other day spotting at DFW

Oneworld 737-800 cruising in from New York City

Emirates 777-200lr cruising in from Dubai

TWA special 737-800 cruising in from Boston

Contour on final from Greenville

Asiana cargo taxiing out for a flight to Seattle

American 787-9 on final after a flight from Tokyo

British Airways whale lumbering in from London

Cargolux gliding in from Luxembourg

Qantas silver roo on final from Melbourne

Qantas 100 years 787-9 on final from Sydney

Thanks for viewing

Camera Nikon D3400


Vote for your favorite

  • Oneworld
  • Emirates
  • TWA
  • Contour
  • Asiana
  • AA 789
  • British
  • Cargolux
  • Silver roo
  • QF 100

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Beautiful shots mate! Love the Qantas 787s.


Thanks man


Amazing shots!!!

Great shots! I’m glad you’re back!

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Beautiful shots! Always love to see the A380. And of course Qantas’ 100 Years livery.


Why didn’t you post anything from when I flew down :(, nice shots, can’t wait to come back


@Delta I’m going to spot at DFW on Saturday, what are the best spotting locations besides founders plaza

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Thank you man

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Thank you wish we still got the Emirates and Qantas whales


These were just the most recent in my camera roll

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I recommend Grand Hyatt or the Whataburger on the north side for morning

Founders and Minters Chapel for evening spotting

I do have a lot more spots though


How do you spot at the Hyatt ? I’m only 17 so I can’t really book a hotel room and that would be expensive.

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You go to the front desk and ask for a day pass to take pictures from the pool deck they will usually sell you one or let you up for free

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I literally saw the British whale pass over my house

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