December Photo Compilation

Hi guys! I’ll be posting some screenshots of the flights that I made during beta testing. They won’t be full takeoff to landing screenshots either, just snippets of each flight.

I am aware that this category has been absolutely flooded with posts as 20.3 was just released, hopefully you can spare me :)

United B752:

Flight Time: 4h30m

Landing at KDCA

At the gate with @ToasterStroodie, my hero for helping me find a gate at Regan which fits the 757

Crystal B77L:

Flight Time: 15h59m

Transporting the billionaires of Russia to their beach house in Sydney

La Compagnie B752:

Flight Time: 8h45m

Buttery smooth sunrise landing in Newark after a rough ride across the Atlantic. Minimal thrust reversers used to simulate some realism :)

Cathay Pacific A359

Flight Time: 11h13m

EasyJet giving way to Cathay, a rare instance on the Expert Server when not instructed to by ATC.

Rotating out of Gatwick with gusty headwinds. My radar trainer, @TaipeiGuru, glimmering in the morning light.

All flights took place on the expert server. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to let me know which photo looks best :)


Awesome shots, I like the last one :)

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These are really nice

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Really good shots ! ;)

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Lovely shots! 😍

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Loved the last shot!

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Your lucky to get some shots before the United B757’s engines were changed. Lol

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For sure, lol. Cool parts of being in beta

Some day edit a Cathay photo and put Paciic Just kidding

Great shots!!

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I knew someone would say that… sadly my photoshop skills aren’t that great :(

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As a A320 pilot in IF I would give you way for sure!:)
Stunning photos!

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Don’t stop doing that 😂