December 3, 2014. United Airlines UA1603. Boeing 737-900ER (N66831). KIAH/IAH - KSEA/SEA

Hi, everyone,

2 Part. I have my final flight destination to go to my home in Seattle.

The second time, originally my mom bought my ticket to ride the plane for United Airlines a Boeing 737-900/ER the simulation map passengers book to pick up seats and they were full seats between Houston to Seattle. But my mom always for late delay 1 day very close soon wait for my seat or full unavailable the reason may say before to catch buy a ticket to seat in the plane very early need. My mom so why did not explain bad experience for too a very long far away in a month a problem what happened so, unfortunately. It felt hard on the internet for google information for far away month to plan time holiday is important. My mom lived in the state of Alabama last year earlier.

  • I have my old camera is iPad 4th and yes, I know always a little blurry the picture is important the info for the windows from the gate and on the plane, too.

In gate C, I met at the front desk a woman in customer service for help tells everyone, I got I wrote on the paper to show the woman. They say no tickets were full seats unavailable passengers on the plane left to go home in Seattle and may change new my ticket for other available and what did they can help? Woman, oh ok, and can give them their ticket, please? Me: Yes, I give her and the woman fixed trade a new ticket for one seat on United Airlines. Me: finally, Thank you! Woman: No problem! I enter to passenger seat very early. This is my Economy Plus is 7F for the right window and close First Class. It was a very nice seat on the plane! On the plane are all full level passengers very busy and I was surprised!!

This is my flight or UA1603 is a Boeing 737-900ER (N66831) on United Airlines for the evening. I saw there the outside of both wings and almost have no Split Scimitar Winglets ← yet.

My Flight for long-distance took 4h 15m when left at 6:45 pm from the gate C30 then to takeoff the 15L Runway, KIAH/IAH flew far to landing on the 34L short Runway, KSEA/SEA late at 9:01 pm then and arrive at gate A14 Terminal. It was far more than 1,940 miles/3,123 km/1,686 nm over the Rocky Mountains only dark at the night.

  1. This is my flight 1603. United Airlines (N66831) Boeing 737-900ER.

  1. United Airlines Boeing 767-400ER next takeoff from 15L Runway to go away haul to anywhere and I don’t know.

  1. I am not hungry at the airport.

  1. In during to step passengers the front First Class and Economy Plus.

  1. This is my seat 7F Economy Plus for the right window.

  1. The side United Airlines Boeing 737-900ER (N36444).

  1. The light mood color is blue later dark at the night.

  1. My flight was takeoff 15L Runway from KIAH/IAH to climb to head up to the left around traffic to have non-stop the over Dallas then to Seattle.

  1. The front cockpit. Before we were the last landing on 34L short Runway, KSEA/SEA.

  1. Hey, the old Continental Airlines livery scheme (N75435) Boeing 737-900ER.

Any questions?

Thank you for watching!

Happy Flying, AJ Johnson!


Cool shots, especially the old Continental Airlines livery

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Thank you, yes sir!

You may be not hungry at the airport but I am hungry

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I was in 12th grade at High School and I did not get work yet and I wasn’t hungry for something snacks at the airport. Already, I have had my work for now 1.9 years still in Seattle.

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