December 25, 2013. American Airlines (N945AN) Boeing 737-800 SEA-DFW. Part 1

Before Thanksgiving Day when my mom bought my ticket to ride the plane for American Airlines next a schedule on December 25, 2013 for Merry Christmas. My flight from KSEA/SEA to KDFW/DFW over Rocky Mountains took 2+ hours.

  • I have my old iPhone 4s on the seat the camera left the window.

  1. KSEA/SEA the gate D. My flight American Airlines (N945AN) Boeing 737-800 Number Fleet “3BY” only old livery the age of 22 years old - active interior during passengers original and not a new Next Generation.

2. Next takeoff 16L Runway, KSEA/SEA.

3. Icelandair Boeing 757-200 at the park for the rest.

4. The fog. Federal Way, Washington.

5. Rocky Mountains over Idaho or Wyoming.

6. Eagle County Regional Airport (KEGE/EGE), Gypsum, Colorado.

7. Welcome to KDFW/DFW Airport. We were flight line traffic landing at 35C Runway.

8. Original labels Cowboys Stadium end year in 2013 then and now label called AT&T Stadium.

9. Landing on 35C Runway, KDFW/DFW.

10. Next crossover 35L Runway, then the last stop arrives at gate A.

Thank you for sharing! Next one more time my last flight AA MD-82 to KMEM/MEM.

I enjoy the camera have a good day safe the plane!


Nice photos! I miss seeing the chrome livery.

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Thank you! I see and yes.

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Wow! Old pictures! Thank you for sharing.

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My pleasure.

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