December 25, 2013. American Airlines MD-82. DFW-MEM. Part 2

Part 2. Then and second times again, my last flight to ride the plane for American Airlines is a McDonnell Douglas MD-82 from KDFW/DFW to KMEM/MEM took less than 1 hours in the afternoon and evening.

  • I have my old iPhone 4s on seat right the window.

  1. The gate A38, KDFW/DFW. Next American Airlines (N946AN) Boeing 737-800 Number Fleet “3CA” is the age 21 years old - active.

2. Seats 2-3. I’m sorry my quality picture 😔.

3. The book is fleeting part aircraft.

4. American Airlines Boeing 757-200 and MD-82/83.

5. Takeoff 35L Runway, KDFW/DFW.

6. The clouds.

7. The Sunset.

8. The River.

9. Between Arkansas and Tennessee.

10. The last landing on 18C Runway, KMEM/MEM then last stop arrive at the gate B.

I had only two times to ride the plane is a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 from DFW to SEA last on August 4, 2006 in the evening. MD-82 from DFW to MEM last on December 25, 2013.

My mom drop drive from Memphis Airport far to Hamilton, Alabama took 2 hours to visit my family the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thank you for sharing! I hope I enjoy having a good day when the plane misses your favorite MD-80’s!


Long live the mad dog.

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Yes, I miss my plane MD-80’s this is my favorite ;-(.

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okay what in the world are those?


Hi man, these got a book about creating print put in book fleet but these did not change color paint new livery both Boeing 767-200ER and MD-80’s very strange the reason. Original last in December 2013 when I made a post page on my Facebook.

Really cool throwback.


So American Airlines managed to squeeze in 22 more seats on their Boeing 737-800s. Ouch.


And yes, I see I’m lucky the first time original I seat old comfortable economy always on AA Boeing 737-800 😉.

Ironical my last MD-80 flight was the same route

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Very nice sounds a good for you!

Because I have 4 times involved MD-82, 83, 88, and 90.

MD-83 - American Airlines August 4, 2006, DFW - SEA in the evening.

MD-90 - Delta Air Lines ← 3rd old livery May 18, 2009, SLC - SEA in the evening.

MD-82 - American Airlines December 25, 2013, DFW - MEM.

MD-88 - Delta Air Lines (N995DL) December 22, 2015 ATL - MEM in 59 minutes distance faster run in the dark at evening expect at 7 around pm.

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