December 2017 update is cleared for takeoff

You’ll be able to get all aircraft except the newly added DC10 and MD11, as they require a running PRO subscription to use.

December 2017 Update Q/A

Answers most questions that people have asked on this thread.

Note: Regulars, Feel Free To Add Something If Additional Information Is Found As This Post Is A Wiki

Q: Can I get the plane if I don’t have a subscription?
A: As of now, no. But possibly in the future.

Q: If I buy a subscription will I get the planes?
A: You will get the planes for however long your subscription lasts.

Q: Where is the KC-10?
A: The KC-10 is a varient if the DC-10F. To find it, go into the app, hit live, select the DC-10F, hit liveries, and scroll. You will see the KC-10 extender.

Q: Update won’t load. What do I do?
A: Try deleting and reinstalling the app.

Q: Why do I have to redownload every plane?
A: All planes were updated in this update to make things smoother. Meaning, in the previous version of global, when you flew next to someone it was very laggy. Now everything is much smoother.

Q: What is this black box on my screen?
A: Just corrupt terrain files. Delete and reinstall the app and it should be fixed.

Q: Weather seems to not be loading. Why?
A: Severs go down, it’s normal. This can also be affected by your internet connection.

Q: After updating, when I try to open the app, it crashes. What’s happening?
A: No known solution. But something to try is updating to IOS 11.2

Q: Free camera not working right?
A: Fix is in the works. It is a known bug.

Q: I can’t find the update on Apple.
A: Refresh The App Store by swiping up.

Got some of my questions from this topic above. Hopefully this helps!


Thanks for letting me know :) I updated the app and I lOVE the new update

I love the new DC-10 thanks for getting them on Infinite Flight.

I love this new updatte so much.

It’s just amazing how much hard work you guys put in

Loving the Global update! Keep up the hard work with all future updates! 😀

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Ughhh. I want to purchase the trijets, not everything. Will it always be this way?

@BVERailer read this

Eh. i’m better off getting a subscription. Thanks for the help

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Beatiful Update! very impressed

Thanks for the update FDS!

Thanks! Flight development studio! Now, you guys know what’s the next update? 👍🎄😄😂


I have a feeling it will contain a reworked CRJ. Just a feeling. No idea where i got that from though. 😬