December 2017 update is cleared for takeoff

Please avoid unnecessary tagging of developers ;)


Is IOS update out now?

It has been out since yesterday, check your app store ;) if it does not appear please reinstall the app and it should pop up.

10-4 my bad. My bad.

Now I got it had to refresh appstore

Wow, I just realized it’s already been a year since the C-130 update. It amazing how much has changed. With the exception of Global, this is by far my favorite update. Fantastic work devs!


Yes, I will most likely be a little more data use, but it also means the planes in multiplayer have smoother actions instead of the glitching stuff.

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The update is great, but callsigns (especially for tankers) would be helpful. Just having the callsign “Air Force XX” is confusing since there are almost 10 different aircraft that could use the designation. I suggest Extender for the KC-10 as that name is the aircraft’s given name. Maybe Herc for the 130 and viper for the F-16. This adds a little more realism to the military side of IF.


The update is great! Can we get updated call signs? No Continental call sign.


Yayy thanks ive been waiting for this. Like ages


That would fit best in the #features category and would be an Amazing feature request! You should make a feature request for that!

How is adding a callsign for an airliner a feature request? That should just be a given when adding the airline into the game.


When it will come on google play ? We’re still at the 16.13.0

No I just checked and it’s there

Where i have it there is not the update button on play store

Your device is probably incompatible with Global. Feel free to PM me for further information.


I love this plane. One pet peeve is that the D.C.-10 has a glass cockpit. Over a pretty good plane.


Strictly speaking, there is no DC-10 on Infinite Flight, there is an MD-10, but no DC-10. It’s a wonderful update and the MD-11 is fantastic, but whilst I’m no doubt in the minority, I can’t bring myself to fly the MD-10 in liveries with which it never flew. I’m also a backwards luddite who prefers the charm of an analog flight deck to a digital one. Now, I’ve said more than enough, but not what I need to say, which is thank you to the developers for a terrific update for a brilliant flight simulator.


Which iOS ac has refueling. Don’t see the option

You can find that information here @Soydepr ;)