December 2017 update is cleared for takeoff

Wouldn’t be able to do this without this new Update!


Out of curiosity the NOTAM says that here is only one user who has managed to launch the app. I’m on IOS 10, or 11 and have managed to open the app. Just confused as to what has happening.

Hey there,

Just want to thank FDS for the great work they have delivered again.
It is just fantastic!
With this update they have not only brought us a very nice new airframe, and a verry verry good addition to the hole gameplay with arealrefueling. They have also fixed many glitches bugs and issues we had before, even before globale!
Just one example I noticed: the unbelievable hard ground movement control of the F16C is now smoother and realistic!
Again: fantastic work FDS!

Kind regards, Tom

BTW: No issues with the app after update on iOS here.


Says on my device that it updated but I don’t see the new planes

Do you have Pro? If you don’t I don’t think it appears.

Please make a request in the #support category.

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Yes I have IF pro. Still not sure otherwise working

Does it show that it updated with the current version, DC10?

Thanks FDS for all that you have given us this wonderful year. Looking forward to what you guys have up your sleeve next year.

Happy Landings


And that was just this year. Wait for the CRJs :p

Question about the water tanker…when I select the open water tank option, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

Under the tank. The small white doors open. It is very subtle and you must look under the aircraft to see them.


great update best wing design best cockpit quality best aircraft yet :)


Wth I just did the update but game won’t open

Please always add device model and os version when reporting issues.

This is a problem that some ppl seem to be having. we are looking into it.


It’s the new iOS update I believe

Anyone want to try the air refueling with me???

I’m sure you can find someone here:

Love the KC-10!

Got it pretty close to perfect here on a flight from Area 51 (Homey Airport) to Las Angeles.

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I’ve just updated my app and it doesn’t open What’s going on???