December 2017 update is cleared for takeoff

When ever I try to open the app after updating the app immediately crashes.
I have tried reinstalling the app and turning on and off my iPhone 5s. What can I do? Thanks.

You have to be close to the tanker. Not exactly on the boom. If you slow down just a tad and the gap widens, it will say refueling complete. The refueling process it not a quick process so it does take some skill and practice to get it down.

Hahaha! I’m just saying, theres some iconic liveries that aren’t in the game.

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We are looking into it.


Listening to Bennie and the Jets while departing New York in an American MD-11 heading to paris. I feel like I’ve gone back in time.

EDIT: and it’s foggy.

I love this retro atmoshphere with the trijets

Wait the update is out for iOS? How come I’m not being allowed to update from the app store? Nowhere is anything telling me IF has an update. This is sad.

Reinstall the app and try again. @SkyHighGuys

Is that going to make me pay for the app again?

No it wont, you just have to download it again.

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Try refreshing the “updates” page, swipe down from the top.

Let’s hope so lol. I’ll try that although I’m not sure itll work.

EDIT: I deleted it and reinstalled it and guess what? Bam update avaiable in the App Store. Thanks guys.

Out on iOS and already completed a takeoff and landing

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I’ll be jealous until I finally get rid of my broke-ness and buy an iPad 2017 so I can finally get rid of my old android tablet that doesn’t reach the requirements now and I know I’m just blabbering on about some stupid stuff and wow, this sentence is a wole paragraph I’ll stop now. Blah blah blah

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Thank you for re-introducing the landing aids (red rectangular boxes). I am flying short hops around the world at new airports and it hellps vastly.


Is there a way to change the autopilot buttons to the right? Before the MD11/DC10 update they were on the right side above my spoiler and A/P button, now they are by my throttle.

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No. It is automatic based on your screen size. Some rearranging was needed for button placement.

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My app work successfully!

That stinks, I was used to all the buttons on the right side. Oh well, nothing I can do about it lol

Its out on iOS, really? I got no update notification on app store?

Go and search for infinite flight. Delete current version and download new update.