December 2017 update is cleared for takeoff

This is a new lay out. Here was a response from Laura regarding this in another topic.


Bugger. That’s no good.

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So I noticed some of the new airlines don’t have their callsigns, was that supposed to happen?(EX. There was no National for National Airlines)


Update is not showing up in the App Store, is it just me or is not just come out for iPad yet

When is the next update coming? JKJK :)

Hey everyone! Make sure to put your photos of these awesome new aircraft in the thread below!

So that we can use this thread for any questions that people may have :) thanks!

Do not use this for any problems regarding the update. Those should go into a support topic.

Ok I fixed that sorry

After flying the planes around a while, I am loving this new update. Crazy hard to land the planes with that angle though! I also love how much newer the DC-10F cockpit is than in real life😂

Missed that, thanks for the info

To clarify, we will be receiving another update before the end of 2017?

You heard this where?

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A hotfix was sent to Apple to fix some small bugs, this does not mean any new features will be added however.


No news or new announcements have been given from the staff at FDS. Anything you read from any other source is just purely speculation.

Downloaded the update and now I get black screen when starting app - anyone else having this problem on Apple device ?

Hello, try to restart both your app and device.

Well this was a “Nice” touch. I’m talking too you. You know who.

Please avoid unnecessary tagging of developers ;)


Is IOS update out now?

It has been out since yesterday, check your app store ;) if it does not appear please reinstall the app and it should pop up.