December 2017 update is cleared for takeoff

It’s the new iOS update I believe

Anyone want to try the air refueling with me???

I’m sure you can find someone here:

Love the KC-10!

Got it pretty close to perfect here on a flight from Area 51 (Homey Airport) to Las Angeles.

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I’ve just updated my app and it doesn’t open What’s going on???

For crashing issues on IOS, please see this thread.

Good update, but disappointing I can’t access the new aircraft. I’ve always considered myself a supporter of the sim, making several in app purchases, even though I don’t maintain a constant live/pro subscription.

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My pro subscription expires on the 16th

Is the boom not showing down for the refueling aircraft a known issue?

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Sure! When and where?

Yes it is:

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Am i the only person who cant figure out which aircraft refuels i know it is the KC-10 but i dont see it.

It is under the DC10F I think the 3rd from the last

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Oh ok i found it thank you.

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I love the update! But I do have one thing that is annoying me, the DC10 has no engine blades…


Actually it does, but it seems to only appear with certain lovers, not sure if it is a bug.

I’ve tried it in all liveries and nothing probably a bug

Digging the update


Very coincidental that you used the same exact photograph in my ‘aviation memes part 2’ post.

I’m fine with you using it, just give the owner credit.

Are you replying to the wrong person?

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