December 2017 update is cleared for takeoff

great update best wing design best cockpit quality best aircraft yet :)


Wth I just did the update but game won’t open

Please always add device model and os version when reporting issues.

This is a problem that some ppl seem to be having. we are looking into it.


It’s the new iOS update I believe

Anyone want to try the air refueling with me???

I’m sure you can find someone here:

Love the KC-10!

Got it pretty close to perfect here on a flight from Area 51 (Homey Airport) to Las Angeles.

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I’ve just updated my app and it doesn’t open What’s going on???

For crashing issues on IOS, please see this thread.

Good update, but disappointing I can’t access the new aircraft. I’ve always considered myself a supporter of the sim, making several in app purchases, even though I don’t maintain a constant live/pro subscription.

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My pro subscription expires on the 16th

Is the boom not showing down for the refueling aircraft a known issue?

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Sure! When and where?

Yes it is:

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Am i the only person who cant figure out which aircraft refuels i know it is the KC-10 but i dont see it.

It is under the DC10F I think the 3rd from the last

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Oh ok i found it thank you.

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I love the update! But I do have one thing that is annoying me, the DC10 has no engine blades…


Actually it does, but it seems to only appear with certain lovers, not sure if it is a bug.

I’ve tried it in all liveries and nothing probably a bug