December 2017 update is cleared for takeoff

What a wonderful day of be in IF!

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I’ll get a few screenshots up soon - the planes look great and the server experience is much better at least for me :-)

Does this mean for us iOS users who do not have access to the new update and new servers, that we won’t get anywhere near as much traffic on our servers until we also get the update? Is it going to be a big empty globe lol?

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So exciting to hear this is only a matter of days away! Congrats to the FDS team.

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I’m checking my Apple store every few minutes for the update even though it will be awhile😂😂


The update looks very good! There’s still more to experience and test out. Took these pictures mid flight from KDFW


Click the arrow pointing up in the shaded portion of this linked comment:


Thanks, I didn’t see that.

No because Android users are the minority

Will iOS users be able to see the DC10s on Live?

Until both platforms receive the update, there will be two sets of servers with different traffic. Once everyone is migrated to the same server it will be back to normal.

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No they will not be able to see it.

We aren’t allowed on their server

One question. Why is the third engine not developed? its just black.

IRL Engine #2 is hardly visible due to the long intake. We decided to make it black to add this realism.


Thanks a lot FDS, amazing work as usual!

After looking at pictures that makes sense. Thanks!

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Mmm I just realised how far back it is


Ummm I don’t know if anyone has noticed but for some reason, the F-16 only has like 1hr 15 Fuel. Why is that?

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