DEC18-28+ The DJW Anniversary Group Flight

Group Flight
Travel Alert! Big Changes Coming to RDU in 2020 -

Not responsible for level 2 or 3 violations if there is ATC

Hey Guys! For my anniversary of being on the IFC, I’ve decided to create this group flight. From the Beginning, when I hoped and pleaded for KRDU to be 3d, to now, to my first training server flight at KJFK, to my first expert server flight at KCLT, I’ve come a long way.

Expert Server

Time: Enter the time, in Zulu time, here. You can find an online convertor if needed

*Create Event button isn’t working for me, so I’ll have to sign you manually. Hope staff or someone else can solve it.

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sign me up

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Sure, here you go!

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I can’t sign up now, cause I’ll forget. I’ll sign up last minute

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that’s fine

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